Choosing to go to drug rehab is a way to recover from addictions to various substances. When you struggle with an addiction to drugs (prescription or illicit), the care and support provided at a comprehensive addiction treatment facility is the best opportunity to overcome your struggles with addiction. Addiction is a disease that significantly impacts your physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Without treatment, ongoing drug use leads to physical and functional changes to the brain that affect how the brain communicates with the body and other parts of the central nervous system.  These functional changes further add to the challenges many will experience when trying to get sober. 

What Is Drug Rehab? 

Drug rehab is designed to help someone struggling with addiction stop addictive behaviors such as drug-seeking and drug use. Depending on the treatment program and your specific treatment needs and goals, therapy providers will use various evidence-based approaches to help you overcome drug addiction. Drug rehab in Savannah, GA, can include various therapy models such as behavioral therapies (cognitive-behavioral therapy or contingency management), medications, or a combination. The specific type of treatment will vary depending on your unique needs, including the severity and duration of your addiction, the types of substances used, and whether you have completed treatment previously and experienced a relapse. 

There are different types of drug rehab providing various levels of care. In the inpatient rehab setting, you are required to live at the facility while participating in your treatment program. In the outpatient environment, you can live at home and receive treatment in an individual or group setting at the facility each day. Inpatient and outpatient programs include combinations of individual, group, and family counseling. Nutritional education, dual-diagnosis treatment, physical exercise, and alternative therapies are also used as part of a comprehensive, evidence-based program. 

In addition to different levels of care, therapy is also provided in different settings depending on your specific needs and comfort levels. Addiction is highly individual, and what works well for one person does not always work well (or at all) for someone else. For this reason, therapy sessions are provided in individual settings, group environments, or a combination. Many therapy programs also include family therapy and peer support groups as part of your treatment program. 

Why You Should Go to Drug Rehab in Savannah, GA

Deciding to go to rehab is a complex decision. Acknowledging a negative relationship with drugs is the first and most challenging step you will voluntarily take as you begin your journey to recovery. It is difficult to admit that drugs or alcohol have taken control and that getting sober again requires support and help. A drug rehab in Savannah, GA, can help you overcome drug addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Our team of skilled treatment professionals will work with you to design an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique treatment needs and goals. 

Through a combination of evidence-based traditional treatments and alternative therapy models, our individually designed treatment programs will help you learn more about the roots of your addiction and the best, safest ways to achieve and maintain sobriety. At our private and secluded eighteen-acre treatment center in Savannah, GA, you can focus on healing and learning new, healthy coping strategies to help prevent relapse as you finish treatment and transition back home. 

If you or a loved one are ready to put your struggles with drug addiction behind you, contact us at Ardmore Recovery today. Let our caring and compassionate team of providers at our Savannah, GA rehab provide comprehensive support and spiritual care while you heal and begin your journey towards sobriety. 

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