Residential rehab programs like ours at Ardmore Recovery in Savannah, GA, help individuals in need of potentially life-saving addiction treatment to receive twenty-four-hour care designed around their unique treatment needs and goals. At a residential rehab, you will have access to a higher level of care than can be provided through individual, family, or group therapy alone.

What is Residential Rehab?

If you or a loved one are ready to overcome addiction and have looked into rehabs near you, you may have noticed there are different levels of care available. Residential rehab programs are intensive treatment programs that require you to “live” at the rehab during your treatment program. At a residential rehab, you will have continuous access to medical, emotional, and nutritional support while working with your treatment team to get and stay sober. Residential rehab programs generally last between thirty and ninety days. However, some programs may last longer depending on your specific treatment needs.

Who is Residential Rehab Best For?

There are many reasons to choose residential rehab. Whether it is a specific level of severity or a dual diagnosis condition, there are some circumstances where residential rehab will provide greater opportunities for safe and successful recovery. These may include:

  • Individuals with co-occurring conditions (or dual diagnosis).
  • Fears about maintaining sobriety in an outpatient or minimally supervised treatment setting.
  • An addiction to specific substances from which detox can be dangerous.
  • Lack of adequate supports at home or within the community.
  • Having unsuccessfully tried lower levels of addiction treatment such as outpatient rehab in the past.
  • Concerns about exposure to triggers during the addiction treatment process that may cause relapse.
  • Having completed treatment before and experienced a relapse.

Seeking treatment to overcome addiction is a vital step on your journey to recovery and wellness. Recent studies show that those who did not try to get help for their addiction were less likely to make it beyond the three-year mark in sobriety and were more likely to relapse. The same study also showed that 62% of those who received professional help at a residential treatment facility remained in recovery for three years or more after treatment. Also, 57% of those who made it to the three-year mark remained substance-free for many more years. This study and many others show that seeking professional treatment is vital to finding success in recovery and continued sobriety.

What to Look for in Residential Rehab Centers

When choosing an addiction treatment program, it is essential to consider the various factors that will contribute to your safe and successful recovery. These include program length, location, therapy types, and program amenities. If you struggle with a severe addiction, although a shorter program may be more desirable in terms of treatments commitment, it may not be long enough to provide the level of care you need to maintain lasting recovery. It is also essential to consider the treatment environment. While all licensed programs are required to provide a certain base level of care, some programs offer services above and beyond the minimum requirements.

At a residential rehab, you will participate in daily therapies. Depending on the nature of the program and the treatment model that works best for you, therapy may consist of individual, group (integrated 12-step peer sessions), and family sessions. Additionally, many residential rehabs provide access to alternative and holistic therapies, which, when used in conjunction with traditional therapy models, provide a more holistic and well-rounded treatment approach.

How to Find the Best Residential Rehab Near Savannah, GA

Finding the best residential rehab is the first and crucial step on the journey to achieving and maintaining lasting sobriety. The best residential rehabs near Savannah, GA, have experienced, compassionate staff who are specially trained in treating addiction and any co-occurring mental or physical health issues that may need simultaneous treatment. Because there are many different residential rehab options, it is vital to choose the program that best addresses your unique treatment needs. Before choosing a program, consider factors such as the severity of your addiction, your unique treatment needs, and how the benefits of an integrated 12-step approach can help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Contact our admissions team today if you would like to learn more about how programs at our private, luxurious Savannah, GA rehab can help you put struggles with addiction in the past.

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