Millions of people seek help at an addiction treatment center to overcome drug addiction each year. The challenge many people face when looking to get sober is choosing the right type of treatment to meet their needs. Everyone who struggles with addiction does so in their own way. Now two people will experience the same symptoms and challenges, even if they are addicted to the same substance. Consequently, treatment to address addiction must be as flexible and varied as the needs of those seeking help. You can expect to find treatment options that address addiction from a holistic approach at an alternative drug rehab. 

What is Drug Rehab? 

Drug rehab provides a safe and supported space for someone struggling with drug addiction to get professional help overcoming their struggle. Seeking help from a professional treatment facility like Ardmore Recovery can help you achieve your treatment goals in an environment that reduces the risk of medical emergency or relapse associated with severe or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Not all treatment centers are created equally. Some programs focus on evidence-based care in a residential environment. Others, like Ardmore Recovery, provide a sense of community with a focus on an integrated 12-step approach to healing and recovery. 

What is Alternative Drug Rehab? 

People experience addiction in different ways, and therefore, it is essential for the treatment they seek to be adaptive to their needs. Although evidence-based therapy models such as behavior therapy and psychotherapy are proven successful in helping millions of people overcome addiction, they may not be the best course of treatment for everyone. The success of specific treatment models and treatment environments will vary widely based on what you need to recover from addiction. 

Alternative drug rehabs like Ardmore Recovery are different. We understand that the process of recovery looks different for everyone. Alternative drug rehabs provide an opportunity for those struggling with drug addiction to seek help in an environment where they feel safe and supported. The therapeutic models offered at alternative drug rehabs generally differ from traditional rehab in that they do not focus on commonly used evidence-based behavioral therapies. Instead, alternative rehabs build individualized addiction treatment plans on the models that work best for your unique needs and goals. 

How Ardmore Recovery Can Help You Get Sober Today

At Ardmore Recovery, we focus on healing the physical, psychological, and spiral aspects of addiction. Drug addiction affects all areas of the person, and treatment must address each of these factors to ensure the most favorable treatment outcomes. We understand that traditional behavioral approaches are not suitable for everyone. For this reason, Ardmore Recovery focuses on an integrated 12-step approach to healing and recovery from addiction. By focusing on the foundation of the 12-steps, our patients can find healing and lasting sobriety. The teachings of the 12-steps have helped millions of people worldwide achieve recovery and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Also, participating in peer support groups based on the 12-steps can help you build lasting friendships and a strong circle of supportive peers who can help hold you accountable to your sobriety goals. 

Acknowledging a struggle with drug addiction is difficult. Admitting you cannot defeat addiction without support and guidance is the first step to achieving sobriety and starting a journey of health and wellness, free from the weight of drug dependency. At Ardmore Recovery, we can help you through your sobriety journey. Our caring and compassionate providers are here to provide support and guidance as you learn how to safely and effectively stop using. If you would like to learn more about our alternative rehab programs at our Savannah, Georgia rehab, contact our admissions team today for more information or to schedule a tour. 

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