Recovery Within Reach

Each day millions of Americans struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. In some cases, struggles with drugs or alcohol can begin as young as age twelve. Without the comprehensive support of addiction treatment, the impacts of addiction stretch far beyond the individual who drinks or uses drugs. Unfortunately, what often starts as experimentation of voluntarily taking “the first drink” evolves into dependency and addiction, which can be challenging to overcome without treatment support from a drug and alcohol treatment center in Savannah, GA. 

Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Health indicate more than twenty-one million American’s have at least one addiction. Unfortunately, as few as ten percent of those will ever seek or receive potentially life-saving treatment. Addiction is a complex disease that impacts the structure and function of the brain along with other body systems. Because of how alcohol and drugs affect the brain, it is not uncommon for someone with an addiction to continue to use drugs or alcohol even when they are well aware of the negative consequences that come with ongoing or regular use. Although acknowledging your addiction and deciding to seek treatment is the first vital (and difficult) step on your journey to sobriety, the next is choosing a substance abuse treatment center in Savannah, GA.

Treatments Offered Include:

  • Alcohol

  • Drug Addiction

  • Painkillers

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Pharmaceuticals

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Savannah, GA

At our drug and alcohol treatment center in Savannah, GA, we are dedicated to helping you overcome addiction. Our program is based on the 12-step foundation that has helped millions of struggling addicts worldwide find sobriety and lasting recovery. We are located on eighteen secluded and peaceful acres in Savannah, Georgia. Our relaxing atmosphere allows you to disconnect from the stressors and triggers that, for so many, hinder their ability to entirely immerse themselves in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Our drug rehab in Savannah focuses on the true fundamentals of healing, ensuring your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs are addressed as you focus on what is most important: you. 

Benefits of Ardmore Recovery’s Program

Ardmore Recovery’s addiction treatment program provides comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment throughout all stages of the recovery process. Addiction treatment encompasses the set of interventions designed around your unique needs to help you overcome addictive thoughts and behaviors. Using a program based on traditional therapies combined with the tenets of the 12-step approach, your treatment team at Ardmore Recovery will help you learn new, healthy coping skills and ways to alter your behaviors to help stop drug-seeking activities and minimize cravings and the potential for relapse post-treatment.

The length of your treatment program will vary depending on your specific needs. Addiction is a disease unique to the individual. Although two people may share an addiction to the same substance, their challenges while using and while trying to get sober will be different. Because of this, your drug and alcohol rehab program must be designed entirely around you and your addiction symptoms. Unfortunately, addiction is a disease for which there is technically no cure. Recent data indicates that relapse rates for substance use disorders fall between 40 and 60% for those who completed addiction treatment. However, with adequate treatment and support coupled with a commitment and dedication to sobriety, addiction and the behaviors associated with addiction can be overcome in favor of a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Why Choose Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Savannah, GA

A quality substance abuse treatment program is focused on the individual, not the addiction. Depending on the program, treatment occurs in various settings (group or individual), lasts for varying lengths of time, and includes different combinations of evidence-based traditional therapies and alternative treatment models. Addiction is a chronic disorder characterized by relapse. Statistics show as many as 60% of addicts who complete a treatment program will experience at least one instance of relapse during their recovery. For most, this means short-term treatment programs lasting a few weeks are often insufficient to help achieve long-term sobriety goals. 

At our substance abuse treatment program in Savannah, GA, we understand each person who faces a substance abuse disorder experiences unique symptoms, struggles, and challenges as they work to put addiction behind them.  We specialize in comprehensive treatment programs, including the guidance of the 12-steps, to help our patients achieve their treatment goals. 

At our luxury rehab in Savannah, GA, you will have access to the most comprehensive treatment available. Many treatment programs use a combination of therapies to help someone struggling with addiction learn more about their illness and better ways to manage addictive behaviors. It is essential to seek addiction treatment at a quality treatment program to ensure you can achieve sobriety in the safest, healthiest manner possible. Because detox and withdrawal can often be complicated (and in some cases dangerous, a medically assisted detox program followed by comprehensive addiction treatment therapy is the best way to cleanse your system of toxins and begin the process of healing. 

At Ardmore Recovery, we understand addiction is an all-encompassing illness. Ongoing struggles with substance use and abuse have detrimental physical and emotional impacts on the addict, their loved ones, and others in their lives. At our alcohol rehab in Georgia, you will work with your addiction treatment team to heal the physical, psychological, and spiritual impacts of addiction by combining traditional and alternative therapies. During detox, we ensure medical supervision is available to help reduce the intensity and severity of symptoms experienced during the detox process. In addition to therapy, we provide nutritional support in the form of professionally prepared meals, spiritual support, and comprehensive aftercare planning to ensure your best opportunities for success as an alumnus of Ardmore Recovery.

Get Help Now at Our Savannah, GA Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans have walked a similar path and found healing and recovery at an addiction treatment program like Ardmore Recovery in Savannah, GA. Our compassionate, highly skilled treatment team understands the complex challenges our clients face when they choose treatment at Ardmore Recovery. Deciding to leave home to go to rehab is a decision wrought with questions and concerns. What is rehab like? Will my family be ok while I am gone? Will detox be difficult? These questions add to the difficult decision many struggling addicts face when deciding to get sober. The healing and recovery process may not be easy and is (often) not without setbacks and challenges. The ongoing challenges of recovery are part of what makes our program, rooted in the 12-steps, so successful.

Practicing and living by the 12-steps as you continue your recovery journey ensures you have a strong, supportive group of like-minded peers who share your sobriety and recovery goals. Your sober family is there during triggering moments and other challenges to provide vital guidance and relapse prevention support. Contact Ardmore Recovery is the first step towards a healthy, sober future free from the impacts of substance abuse and addiction. At our drug rehab in Savannah, GA, we will work with you to design an individual treatment program to ensure your physical, psychological, and spiritual health is cared for throughout all aspects of your healing and recovery. Addiction will not go away on its own. Make today the day you reach out to Ardmore Recovery to learn more about how our program in Savannah, GA, can help you overcome addiction.