Although seeking help to overcome addiction is one of the most challenging steps someone with a drug or alcohol use disorder will take, it is not the end of sobriety-related challenges. When you are new to recovery, you will quickly notice that many things have changed since you made the decision to get sober. 

Your friends, hobbies, and weekend pastimes are likely to feel significantly different now that drugs and alcohol no longer play a role in your life. Many addicts who choose to put addiction in the past and start over with a sober lifestyle realize soon after leaving rehab how significant a role drugs or alcohol played in their social and leisure activities. 

Whether it was hanging out with friends at a sports bar watching the game or unwinding at happy hour, substances were usually involved. But now that you are clean and trying to maintain your distance from relapse triggers, it will be essential to find activities that do not put your sobriety at risk. Because most of your “fun” activities once involved substances, you are likely wondering what to do for sober fun. 

Examples of Fun Sober Activities

One of the most significant challenges you may experience as you complete treatment and embrace a sober lifestyle is finding sober activities. As part of an aftercare program, you may have been introduced to a group of sober peers who share similar interests. Also, you may have tried new hobbies or started a new routine to help work on your physical and emotional health after treatment. These are some of the most notable benefits of aftercare. In addition to these activities, you can try a few other things to help you stay on track with your sobriety. 

  • Join a sporting league or exercise group – One challenge to addiction treatment and recovery is changing your social circles. Joining a sports team or exercise group will provide the opportunity to befriend like-minded individuals who share your sobriety goals while helping you stay fit and avoid isolation. 
  • Travel – drugs and alcohol are expensive, and it is not uncommon for the cost of addiction to put other dreams on the back-burner. Now that you have time and (likely) a bit more financial freedom, it is a great time to start checking places you have always wanted to see off your list.  
  • Something new – Try or learn something new if there is a hobby you have always wanted to try or a class you have always wanted to take, there is no better time than now! Enroll in a course at a local school or online. Find a group where you can learn or enhance skills. 
  • Participate in sober group activities – many peer support groups such as AA will post (either at meetings or online) activities for members and non-members alike to take part in. Consider giving one of these activities a try. It will provide you with an opportunity to foster new friendships, receives support from others who share similar struggles and perhaps, give support to someone who is not as far down their path to recovery. 

Reading, hiking, volunteering, teaching, or exploring; there are many sober opportunities out there, and each provides a way to interact with other members of the sober community. 

How to get Someone Help with Their Addiction Today

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