Ardmore Is a Simple Program for Complicated People.

Our philosophy is based on healing the underlying conditions that cause addiction. Healing the underlying conditions is the most important part of getting sober because your underlying conditions are driving you to use drugs and alcohol. Once your underlying conditions are healed, it is much easier to stay sober. This is the key to long term sobriety, and your overall well-being.

What are we up against

We begin by untangling the deep and twisted web created by the disease of addiction. By exposing, defining and identifying the disease, we can gain a clear picture of exactly what we are up against.

Plan of action

By studying a set of principles and learning to practice them in our daily lives, we begin to lose the desire to use drugs and alcohol.

The 12-Step Philosophy

To thrive.
To experience a group of friends grow up around you.
To realize that you can be anything.
To understand that the disease of addiction is not a crutch, but a hard lesson that had to be learned to catapult you into a whole new world of existence.
To live a life beyond your wildest dreams and discover our intended self.
That is what it means to Live Recovered.

Reclaim your Life.
Start Today.

Get Started

Ready to get sober? Have questions, or want to schedule a tour? Contact Ardmore Recovery at our secluded Savannah campus and we can help you or a loved one get started on the next journey.