Live oaks, sweetgums and magnolia trees spread throughout the property draped in Spanish Moss.

Formerly a campsite for William Tecumseh Sherman during the civil war, Ardmore, like Savannah, is immersed in history. The private, quiet and serene backdrop sets the stage for healing and reflection. Savannah, Georgia was founded in 1733 as one of the original British colonies in the USA. The historic downtown area is peppered with 22 beautifully landscaped squares.

Century year old churches and historically haunted buildings sit behind sprawling live oaks that stretch across the street. Savannah is home to a rock solid 12 Step community and offers all of the accoutrements of a mid-sized city. Easy travel to the Savannah airport, or hop on I-95, a major US artery. Savannah sits just a few hours drive from Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

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Ardmore Recovery started in April 2016 as a dream.

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