Deciding to seek treatment for a substance abuse disorder is the first and often the most challenging step on your journey to recovery. It is a journey that will inevitably have many more challenges as you progress towards sobriety and a healthy, substance-free future. After deciding to seek treatment, the next challenge is what type of treatment is best for you. As you begin researching addiction treatment facilities near you, you will notice there are likely many levels of care and treatment models provided at various treatment facilities in your area. There are outpatient services, inpatient residential services, intensive outpatient services, and in some cases, partial hospitalization services. So which type of treatment is best for you?

What Is Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

Inpatient substance abuse treatment (often referred to as residential addiction treatment) is highly beneficial for individuals who have completed treatment before and experienced relapse, struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders, or have an addiction to specific substances from which detox can be dangerous. 

In a residential or inpatient substance abuse treatment program, clients are required to “live” on the premises for the duration of their treatment program. Residential programs are often best suited for those struggling with severe addictions or, as previously mentioned, those who had completed treatment before and suffered from relapse. 

At an inpatient treatment program like Ardmore Recovery, you will have access to 24 hour emotional, medical, and nutritional support. In many cases, residential or inpatient substance abuse programs have a higher success rate than other levels of care due to the residential nature of the treatment environment. While someone is living at the treatment center and actively pursuing sobriety, opportunities for triggers or relapses found in their day-to-day environment are significantly limited. Therefore, the chances of relapse during treatment are also reduced.

How Is It Different From Being an Outpatient?

Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs both focus equally on addiction treatment; however, each has unique benefits and qualities that may influence which treatment program can better meet your specific treatment needs and goals. Outpatient programs provide the opportunity for someone struggling with a substance abuse disorder to seek treatment while remaining an active part of their home environment. 

The structure of an outpatient program will enable patients to maintain elements of their day-to-day routines, including employment and family responsibilities. Depending on the outpatient program’s intensity, participants will attend therapy sessions up to five days per week for several hours each day. The duration of an outpatient program and the intensity level of one’s specific therapy program will depend on the program’s treatment model and the participant’s unique treatment needs. Due to their less intensive nature, many outpatient programs last longer than inpatient programs. 

What Makes Ardmore Recovery Different Than the Rest?

At Ardmore Recovery, we understand that each inpatient substance abuse treatment program is different. At our luxury Savannah Georgia treatment center, we will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment program that focuses on you as a whole person. Our treatment team understands the struggles and challenges associated with seeking treatment, as many have shared a similar journey to recovery. Our caring and compassionate team is here to provide support and guidance to help you overcome the physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges that make substance abuse disorders so debilitating. 

Set on eighteen peaceful, secluded acres in Savannah, Georgia, our treatment team focuses on programs that are true to the principles of support and healing. Our programs are built on the 12-step foundation that has proven life-changing for millions of recovered addicts across the nation. If you are ready to learn more about how Ardmore Recovery can help you heal and start over free of the bonds of addiction, contact our Savannah, GA rehab today. 

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