Chronic struggles with alcohol addiction may lead to harmful impacts on your physical and mental health. Deciding to seek addiction treatment at a treatment center like Ardmore Recovery in Savannah, Georgia, is indeed a challenging step on the journey to recovery. There are often questions and concerns associated with the rehab process. Many of your worries and fears can be alleviated by learning more about how to find the best alcohol rehab in Georgia for you. 

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab offers you the opportunity to overcome a struggle with alcohol in a safe and supported environment. Research indicates the best way to detox from alcohol is at an addiction treatment center that provides comprehensive therapy and medically assisted (medically supervised) detox services. At rehab, you will receive comprehensive guidance and supervision throughout the detox process. Depending on your specific treatment needs and goals and the characteristics of your unique treatment program, the detox process may include elements such as the administration of medication to help manage the intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Going to alcohol rehab can help you manage the challenges of detox and reduce the risk of relapse. During detox, the body begins learning to function without alcohol. While drinking, your body and brain undergo various physical and functional changes. For most, withdrawal symptoms last between three and seven days; however, they can last longer in the most severe cases. Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include changes in appetite, altered mood or behavior, fatigue, restlessness and irritability, aches and pains, changes in sleeping patterns, respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, and shaking. 

For your safety, while detoxing from alcohol, it is essential to detox in a supervised setting as alcohol detox can, in some cases, lead to dangerous or fatal conditions. Detoxing on your own or “cold turkey” can increase your risk of dangerous medical complications and relapse. 

How Do I Find the Best Alcohol Rehab in Georgia for Me?

Choosing to go to rehab is a life-changing decision. To ensure you receive the most comprehensive treatment possible, it is essential to select the best treatment program for your specific needs. At our luxury Savannah rehab, our experienced treatment professionals will work with you to design a treatment plan that holistically addresses your treatment needs. Our programs not only work to heal your physical and psychological illness but also the spiritual challenges brought on by addiction. 

At Ardmore Recovery, we use a combination of evidence-based traditional treatments and alternative therapy models to help you heal and overcome alcohol addiction. Addiction is an illness that is unique to the individual. While two people may struggle with an addiction to alcohol, the symptoms and challenges they face related to their addiction will be different. For this reason, we ensure our individually designed treatment programs are designed to help you understand and learn more about the roots of your addiction. Using evidence-based therapy models in individual and group therapy settings, we will support and guide you as you learn and practice new and safer ways to achieve and maintain sobriety. At our private and secluded eighteen-acre treatment center in Savannah, GA, you can focus on healing and learning new, healthy coping strategies to help prevent relapse as you finish treatment and transition back home. 

Reach Out to Ardmore Recovery Today: An Alcohol Rehab in Georgia

If you or a loved one are ready to put your struggles with alcohol addiction behind you, contact us at Ardmore Recovery today. Our caring and compassionate admissions team and treatment providers at our Savannah rehab are here to help you learn more about how alcohol rehab in Georgia can help you overcome alcohol addiction and begin your journey to health and sobriety. 

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