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Located on 18 secluded acres in Savannah Georgia, Ardmore Recovery stands ready to begin healing you or a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Taking recovery back to the principles. We are a program that is true to its principles of healing, which is built on a 12-step foundation.

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Ardmore Is a Very Simple Program for Complicated People.

What are we up against?

We begin by untangling the deep and twisted web created by the disease of addiction. By exposing, defining and identifying the disease, we can gain a clear picture of exactly what we are up against.

Plan of action:

By studying a set of principles and learning to practice them in our daily lives, we begin to lose the desire to use drugs and alcohol.

Treatments Offered Include:


Drug Addiction





The Power of Living Recoverd.

Chase's Story:

Chase came to Ardmore Recovery broken and defeated. He became an active member of the community and program, surrendered to the work, and is now living a life of recovery in the solution. Ardmore is honored to be a part of his journey.

Free Confidential Addiction Assessment

If you are in crisis or need immediate help for any reason, skip this assessment and call 911 right now. If you feel that you are a danger to yourself, skip taking our assessment and contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Ardmore Recovery’s online Addiction & Alcohol/Substance Abuse assessment takes less than four minutes & will provide feedback once completed. Please note that our online assessment is not a formal diagnostic tool and should not be interpreted as medical advice. The assessment is free and anonymous.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions provided, we recommend that you contact our staff at Ardmore Recovery or another qualified healthcare provider. If you would prefer one of our Ardmore Recovery staff to get in touch with you, please leave your contact information at the end of this assessment. Please note that by leaving your information, you consent to allow Ardmore Recovery to use this information to contact you. All information you provide will be completely confidential. If you choose to not leave any information, the staff at Ardmore Recovery will not contact you.

If you answer “no” to the questions provided, you are still welcome to reach out to the staff at Ardmore Recovery or another qualified healthcare provider for a detailed evaluation of your risk for Alcohol/Drug Abuse & Addiction.

1. Have you ever abused substances while alone?

2. Have friends and/or family members expressed concern about your substance use?

3. Has your substance use been a source of conflict in your marriage or with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

4. Has substance use or drinking interfered with your performance at school or work?

5. Have you drank, or taken substances so that you can wake up in the morning, or to be able go to sleep at night?

6. Have you drank, or used substances so that you can deal with stress, pressure, or sadness in your life?

7. Have you ever tried but failed to reduce the amount or frequency of your substance use or drinking?

8. When you try to stop drinking or using, or when you can’t drink or use, do you start to feel sluggish, sick, agitated, angry, or depressed?

9. Do you worry that you might have a drug abuse or alcohol problem?

Disclaimer: Ardmore Recovery disclaims any liability, loss, or risk sustained as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of these assessments.

Beyond 12 Steps.

At Ardmore Recovery in Savannah, GA, our philosophy is based on healing the underlying conditions that cause addiction: the most important part of getting sober. We’ll help identify and conquer the forces driving you to use drugs and alcohol, which we know is the key to long term sobriety, and your overall well-being. We’ve been there, we know what is possible. #ReclaimYourPeace

Reclaim your life.

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To thrive.
To experience a group of friends grow up around you.
To realize that you can be anything.
To understand that the disease of addiction is not a crutch, but a hard lesson that had to be learned to catapult you into a whole new world of existence.
To live a life beyond your wildest dreams and discovering our intended self.
That is what it means to Live Recovered

Daily Schedule:

7:00 • Wake up, pray, meditate, read, personal time
7:45 • Group meditation
8:15 • Group exercise
8:45 • Eat breakfast, shower
9:30-12 • Group
12-1:30 • Lunch, personal time
1:30-5:00 • Group
6:15 • Dinner
7:00 • Group inventory
8:00-11:00 • Personal time
11:00 • Lights out