Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings have been a critical element in addiction treatment and recovery since 1935. For more than eighty years, the 12 steps that have made Alcoholics Anonymous so well known have helped millions around the world achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Since its beginnings as a program to help recovering alcoholics achieve and maintain sobriety, the 12 steps of AA have been modified to accommodate various other types of addiction. The tenants of Alcoholics Anonymous have helped hundreds of thousands of addicts, their loved ones, friends, and family successfully and safely achieve sobriety and maintain lasting recovery from alcohol addiction. 

What Are AA Meetings in Savannah? 

AA meetings are a fellowship of men and women who can share their experiences with alcohol through a shared connection. Together, program participants can turn to the support and experiences of each other to solve their common problem and help each other recover from alcohol use and abuse. The other “true” requirement to be part of an Alcoholics Anonymous program is the desire to stop drinking. 

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings provide addicts seeking recovery a safe and supported space to learn more about their immediate problem-alcohol. Once you can control your desire to drink and the amount you drink, you can successfully turn your efforts towards maintaining long-term recovery and a healthier approach to other life challenges that may have initially led to drinking. 

How Does Ardmore Recovery Incorporate AA Meetings Into Their Rehab Program? 

At Ardmore Recovery, we integrate the 12 step teachings of AA throughout our addiction treatment and recovery process. As part of a comprehensive aftercare plan designed uniquely around your treatment needs and goals, Ardmore Recovery incorporates 12 step support groups. These peer support groups serve as a vital component of ongoing sobriety, relapse prevention, and recovery for millions of newly recovering addicts each year. 

After completing a comprehensive addiction treatment program, it is essential to maintain your connection to AA meetings and peer support groups as part of aftercare and long-term relapse prevention. These supports are vital to helping you maintain your integration into the 12 step community while solidifying supportive peer relationships that are essential to lasting recovery. At Ardmore Recovery, our addiction treatment program is built around the foundations and guiding principles of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

At Ardmore Recovery, we believe understanding your addiction can help you heal both your addiction and the underlying conditions that so frequently lead to substance abuse and relapse. Our caring and compassionate treatment team are here to help you understand the struggles that have led you down the path of addiction and work towards healing and sobriety. Although addiction is a life-long, chronic disease, sobriety is possible. We will help you learn more about the triggers, stressors, and other factors that lead you to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Many of our caring and compassionate treatment staff have walked the same path and understand the difficulties you face when deciding to get sober. Addiction is a disease that will not go away on its own, but with the help of Ardmore Recovery and our addiction treatment programs that incorporate the benefits and support of AA meetings into your treatment plan, you can begin the path to health and sobriety. 

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If you are ready to overcome your addiction to alcohol and would like to learn more about how Ardmore Recovery can help you heal physically, psychologically, and spiritually, reach out to our Savannah, Georgia admissions team today. Let us help you learn more about how the 12 steps of AA can help you overcome the hold of alcohol addiction and maintain long-term health and sobriety. 

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