Taking recovery back to the principles.

Recovery starts now.

We are a rehab in Savannah, GA that is true to its principles of healing, built on a 12-step foundation.

Secluded Grounds

Your road to recovery starts in a place of peace as you reflect and re-connect with nature. Meditate or get centered under the shade of God’s Tree, or take a walk around our giant secluded campus.

Great Meals

Great food is not just nourishment, but food for the soul. Ardmore Recovery caters healthy, delicious, & healing cuisine from local restaurants, taking into account any dietary needs and preferences.

Beyond 12 Steps

At our drug rehab in Savannah, GA, we have experienced addiction and are seasoned Twelve Step experts, with years of experience. We know that you can overcome addiction, because we’ve done it.


We believe in healing the underlying conditions that cause addiction. We’ll help identify and conquer the forces driving drug and alcohol use, which we know is the key to long term sobriety.

Supportive Community

Clear away the wreckage of your past. Give freely of what you find and join us. We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will meet you as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.

Located on 18 secluded acres in Savannah Georgia, Ardmore Recovery stands ready to begin healing you or a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Taking recovery back to the principles. Our drug rehab in Savannah, GA is true to its principles of healing, which is built on a 12-step foundation.

Reclaim your life.
start today.

To thrive.
To experience a group of friends grow up around you.
To realize that you can be anything.
To understand that the disease of addiction is not a crutch, but a hard lesson that had to be learned to catapult you into a whole new world of existence.
To live a life beyond your wildest dreams and discover our intended self.
That is what it means to Live Recovered.

The Road to Recovery Begins Here.

Individual Counseling

We work to achieve behavioral goals related to your addiction and learn to restructure your life.

Support Groups

Support groups are a vital part of the recovery process for people who misuse drugs or alcohol.

Group Counseling

Our groups provide a supportive space for people who have faced similar challenges.

Meditation & Spiritual Practice

We help to integrate body, mind, and soul to create balance and harmony in life.

Take a Free, Confidential Substance Abuse & Addiction Assessment

Ardmore Recovery’s online Addiction & Alcohol/Substance Abuse assessment takes less than four minutes & will provide feedback once completed. Please note that our online assessment is not a formal diagnostic tool and should not be interpreted as medical advice. The assessment is free and anonymous.

The Power of Living RecoverEd.

Chase's Story:

Chase came to Ardmore Recovery broken and defeated. He became an active member of the community and program, surrendered to the work, and is now living a life of recovery in the solution. Ardmore is honored to be a part of his journey.

Life at Ardmore

A truly immersive experience through the 12 Steps in an intimate peer-led group offering a great change of pace alternative treatment model for those just coming in or those that have a high rate of recidivism. Our Savannah, GA rehab is an all-inclusive 20-acre campus is tucked in a forest on the outskirts of Savannah, GA.

Happy clients